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Waiting time for orders

Immediately after you place an order you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a link which you should click. On receipt of acceptance of the order we will begin processing it, and you will be kept up to date on how our work is progressing (the production and expulsion within 48 hours).


Date of receipt of goods = dispatch date + delivery date


The dispatch date depends on the availability of products and the selected method of payment, while the delivery time depends on your chosen method of delivery.


Availability of products


Next to every product, information is given as to how much time may be needed before we can dispatch it – from 24 hours to a few days, or sometimes even a week or two (in the case of less readily available products). We make every effort to ensure that what we offer on our pages corresponds to the current status of our stocks, although it may happen that the actual delivery time is lengthened – we will let you know immediately if this happens.

If you order a larger number of products, the time of dispatch of the whole order is matched to the product with the longest delivery time. An order can be fulfilled in stages – to arrange this, contact us or enter a relevant note in the remarks on the order form.


Method of payment


Electronic payment – the most convenient and a very fast way of realizing an order. During working hours funds are usually transferred to our account immediately.

Payment by transfer – here the time of fulfilment of the order depends on when the payment is credited to our account. Depending on bank, this may last up to two working days.

» methods of payment 


Method of delivery


A courier delivery firm can usually deliver an order within 1-2 working days of dispatch.

The Polish Post Office usually delivers items within the declared 6-7 working days for priority items.


» cost of delivery

- We make your visible
- We will emphasize your individuality
- We make comfort stylish
 - We create only a high quality product. 
- We will quickly produce and deliver your order.
- We track your delivery via the online postmail using the tracking code of the parcel.
- Our clothes can withstand up to 500 washes. It will serve you more than one year.
- We are always in touch and we respond quickly to your request.
- We can change any project for you or make personalized.
- Individual approach to each client. 
- Делаем вас заметными
- Подчеркиваем вашу индивидуальность
- Делаем комфорт стильным
- Создаем только качественный продукт.
- Быстро изготовливаем ваш заказ и доставляем.
- Отслеживаем вашу посылку через сайт Почты с помощью кода слежения посылки,
и информируем вас когда посылка приходит в почтовое отделение.
- Наша продукция выдерживает до 500 стирок и прослужит вам не один год.
- Всегда на связи и готовы ответить на все ваши вопросы.
- Можем изменить дизайн для вас или создать новый.
- Индивидуально подходим к каждому клиенту.
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